The Bishop Farm Part two. After posting Part one I was invited up to the actual Dairy farm on Egg & I Rd Monday morning by Jerry W Bishop. This is one of the last dairy farms in Jefferson County owned by Gerald and Delores Bishop. I will be going back to the farm to shoot more of the land and hopefully more of the livestock. The wind kicked up pretty good and I was having a lot of technical issues this day. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more.

The music is by Afrakite – Grown Apart

Remember 1945? No? Oh, well in 1945 Betty MacDonald wrote a book called The Egg and I. This is a barn on the same road that was in the book. It is not the actual Farm that the book was based on. That farm is up the road a bit. My friend Thomas and I were granted permission by Brian and the Bishop Family who own this barn and the farm itself to fly.. The barn is battling weather and gravity just like all of us. We wanted to document this barn before it is gone and forgotten. The song is by Nicholas Roberts called I shouldn’t feel. I hope you enjoy watching.